[Vol-dev] A doubt about vista_sp0_x86_vtypes.py

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Hi Neofito,

Interesting question. I can't recall weather I was working with a PAE enabled Vista at that point or not. 

The relevant question here is: "Will make a difference with the current structure layouts relied upon by volatility?" 

How does the current profile work in both the PAE and NOPAE environments of Vista?


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 From "Windows Internals, Fifth Edition":

On 32-bit x86 systems, the flag in the page table entry to mark a page as nonexecutable is available only when processor is running in Physical Address Extension (PAE) mode. Thus, support for hardware DEP on 32-bit systems requires loading the PAE kernel

Why the file used is ntkrnlmp.pdb instead of ntkrpamp.pdb?

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