[Vol-dev] Actaeon - Volatility Plugin

emdel emdel at s3.eurecom.fr
Tue Apr 16 12:02:24 CDT 2013

Hello guys,

After several months I have the alpha version of my plugin.
Actaeon is a tool to perform memory forensics of virtualization
Starting from a physical memory dump, Actaeon can achieve three important
goals: 1) locate any Hypervisor (virtual machine monitor) that uses the
Intel VT-x technology, 2) detect and analyze nested virtualization and show
the relationships among different hypervisors running on the same machine,
and 3) provide a transparent mechanism to recognize and support the address
space of the virtual machines.
You can have more information by visiting the following site:


I would like to have feedback (positive or negative) and ideas from you.
Let's improve Actaeon and Volatility :)

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