[Vol-users] Memory Imaging Using Firewire

George M. Garner Jr. gmgarner at erols.com
Tue Jul 8 16:04:25 CDT 2008


Unfortunately there is a big question mark over the evidentiary value of
memory evidence acquired using firewire, which Boileau himself acknowledges
on his web site.  No one has bothered to do the basic research needed to
establish when and if firewire memory dumps are reliable.  In at least one
case they clearly were unreliable.  Presumably evb wants to acquire the
memory with a view towards taking some administrative action against the
employee.  This action might itself have legal repercussions, especially if
the firewire memory dump is not admitted to justify the actions taken.  

The heart of forensics is the relationship between the evidence and law.
When discussing the technical aspects of acquiring volatile evidence we need
also to keep in mind the evidentiary issues which may (almost certainly
will) arise should the "evidence" ever be put to use.



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