[Vol-users] Open Memory Forensics Workshop (OMFW)

AAron Walters awalters at 4tphi.net
Fri May 30 15:30:44 CDT 2008

Open Memory Forensics Workshop (OMFW)

Volatile memory forensics (ie., RAM forensics) is becoming an extremely 
important topic to the future of digital investigations. It has the 
potential to dramatically transform the way we currently perform digital 
investigations and help address many of the challenges currently facing 
the digital forensics community.

We are pleased to announce the first ever workshop focused on open source 
volatile memory analysis. This workshop will bring together digital 
investigation researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest 
advancements in volatile memory analysis. You will also learn how memory 
analysis is currently being used to augment digital investigations. 
Through a series of invited talks and panel discussions you will have the 
opportunity to engage this exciting community.

This half-day workshop will be co-located with Digital Forensics Research 
Workshop (DFRWS) 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on August 10, 2008. 
Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so register early. 
Please note that it will not be possible to register at the door. Reserve 
your seat by contacting: AAron Walters (awalters [at] 4tphi [dot] net). We 
are also still seeking individuals with interesting insights who would 
like to participate as a speaker or panelist.

Join with industry leaders to discuss the latest advancements in memory 
forensics and the importance of open source initiatives. This is your 
opportunity to help shape the future of memory forensics!

Invited speakers and panelists include:

     * Dr. Brian Carrier (Basis Technology)
     * Eoghan Casey (Stroz Friedberg, LLC)
     * Dr. Michael Cohen (Australian Federal Police)
     * Brian Dykstra (Jones Dykstra & Associates)
     * Brendan Dolan-Gavitt (Georgia Institute of Technology)
     * Matthew Geiger (CERT)
     * Keith Jones (Jones Dykstra & Associates)
     * Jesse Kornblum (ManTech)
     * Andreas Schuster (Deutsche Telekom AG)
     * AAron Walters (Volatile Systems, LLC)
     * More to be announced......

Brought to you by the Volatility Team: Open Source Memory Forensics.

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