[Vol-users] Analyzing a hiberfil.sys

Andreas Schuster a.schuster at yendor.net
Thu Jul 2 10:14:10 CDT 2009

Hello Michael,

> Signature:

I'd expect to see "hibr" here. Please check whether the file starts with 
the proper magic string. Or did you already decompress the file? If so, 
then please either decompress the original file using "hibinfo" or try 
"ident" on the existing one.

Regarding Matthieu's post: As far as I know, X-Ways switched to a different 
implementation of the decompression algorithm after my blog post appeared. 
I *think* it works as expected, but as a customer you may want to ask them 
for their (internal) test results and methodology, just to be sure.

I'll be back to my office on Tuesday. Feel free to give me a call if the 
problem persists.

Viele Gruesse,

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