[Vol-users] Hidden Network connection?

K Bertens kbertens at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 08:11:40 CDT 2010

I did a memory and volatile data acquisition with Helix.
While using the enscript version of volatility I found on the blog, I ran it
against the memorydump and the TCP network connections scan showed a
connection:        81.169.145.x:80                3852

The strange thing is, I cant find the process accociated with processid 3852
in the enscript version with pslist.
When I run the volatility program from a linux commandline I cant see any
connection at all (with the options connscan and connscan2) and there is no
process in plist with id 3852.
In the volatile data report of Helix this connection isnt showing either.

Of course I want to know what kind of process this is, can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot,
K Bertens
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