[Vol-users] Open Memory Forensics Workshop (OMFW) 2011

AAron Walters awalters at 4tphi.net
Tue Apr 12 22:21:30 CDT 2011

After the amazing success of OMFW 2008 and a <cough>little</cough> hiatus, 
we are currently in the process of planning OMFW 2011. OMFW is the single 
most important event for those who are interested in the deep technical 
aspects of digital investigations and forensics. It is intended for those 
people who realize the only real defense against a creative technical 
human adversary is creative technical human analyst. No shady vendors 
trying to describe how they re-implemented open source tools or boisterous 
trainers attempting to discuss topics they only superficially understand. 
This is your opportunity to learn directly from an international cadre of 
pioneering researchers and practitioners who have been shaping the field 
of memory analysis since its inception.

If you are interested in getting involved or have an exciting topic you 
would like to present, please let the team know.  For those who want to 
attend, please be sure to check back frequently for registration details. 
Due to the overwhelming response in 2008, we were not able to fulfill all 
the registration requests, so please be sure to register early! There will 
be a number of surprises and I guarantee it will be an event you won't 
want to miss! Check out what previous attendees of OMFW have said:

"AAron was able to bring together an outstanding group of folks interested 
in "memory forensics" and there was some spirited discussion among the 
participants along with some really outstanding talks/demos. It was also 
great to be able to put faces to folks who until then had only been 
handles in IRC or names on e-mail/blog posts in the past."
-Jim Clausing: SANS Internet Storm Center Handler

"My first impression of the event was that the underground could have set 
digital forensics back 3-5 years if they had attacked our small conference 
room. Where else do you have Eoghan Casey, Brian Carrier, Harlan Carvey, 
Michael Cohen, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, George Garner Jr., Jesse Kornblum, 
Andreas Schuster, Aaron Walters, et al, in the same room? I thought Brian 
Dykstra framed the situation properly when asking the following: "I know 
this is an easy question for all you 'beautiful minds,' but...""
-Richard Bejtlich: TaoSecurity

Current invited speakers include:

Andrew Case (attc)
Michael Cohen (scudette)
Brendan Dolan-Gavitt (moyix)
Jamie Levy (gleeda)
Michael Hale Ligh (MHL)
AAron Walters

More to be announced....

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