[Vol-users] Analyzing diasassembly with little information

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Mon Apr 9 09:07:26 CDT 2012


On Sun, Apr 8, 2012 at 7:50 AM, fd ksdf <olroy123 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> malfind found some suspicious regions and printed the disassembly so I went
> into volshell to get more information, but what exactly can someone do with
> this disassembly?

The same thing anyone ever does with a disassembly ;-)

Malfind will locate private (i.e. not backed by a file, no DLL),
committed, executable memory, but interpretation of the instructions
is up to a human.

As Andrew said yesterday, your best bet is to find some code paths
that lead to the region in question. Thread registers at the time of
the memory dump may be available in _ETHREAD.Tcb.TrapFrame (see
"Investigating Windows Threads with Volatility" [1]) which may help
you reconstruct some state, and Carl Pulley's stack backtrace plugin
[2] can give you some guidance.

Regarding symbols, if the memory you're analyzing is part of a dll,
exe, sys, then extract the PE with dlldump, procexedump, or moddump
respectively and look at the debug section to get the PDB path which
will give you symbols (or just load the extracted PE in IDA Pro and
let it resolve the symbols for you). If the memory you're analyzing is
*not* part of a dll, exe, sys (for example shell code or a block of
injected functions) then you can't expect to have symbols anyway
(though it'd be cool if attackers supplied symbols with shell code

The memory unreadable error is because 0x806f000-0x806ffff is paged to
disk (i.e. not memory resident at the time the dump was acquired).
Luckily, most malicious code spans more than two pages (0x2000) so
don't be discouraged by one missing page. Instead, dump the whole vad
region (using the vaddump command) and analyze it as a whole. What you
see below is just the instructions at the start of the range
0x8070000, not the whole thing.

Also if this is injected code, there's a chance its been injected into
more than one process, so you might check if the missing page is
available in the memory of another process.

Hope it helps and good luck!

[1]. http://mnin.blogspot.com/2011/04/investigating-windows-threads-with.html
[2]. https://github.com/carlpulley/volatility/blob/master/exportstack.py

> As far as I know, there are no symbols, no way to view
> what is in the registers or these memory addresses, and when I try to
> disassemble the few CALLs I can, I get a "Memory unreadable" error.
>>>> dis(0x08070000,512)
> 0x8070000 55                               PUSH EBP
> 0x8070001 8bec                             MOV EBP, ESP
> 0x8070003 83c4ec                           ADD ESP, -0x14
> 0x8070006 56                               PUSH ESI
> 0x8070007 57                               PUSH EDI
> 0x8070008 8b4508                           MOV EAX, [EBP+0x8]
> 0x807000b 8bf0                             MOV ESI, EAX
> 0x807000d 8d7dec                           LEA EDI, [EBP-0x14]
> 0x8070010 a5                               MOVSD
> 0x8070011 a5                               MOVSD
> 0x8070012 a5                               MOVSD
> 0x8070013 a5                               MOVSD
> 0x8070014 a5                               MOVSD
> 0x8070015 ff75f8                           PUSH DWORD [EBP-0x8]
> 0x8070018 ff55f4                           CALL DWORD [EBP-0xc]
> 0x807001b ff75fc                           PUSH DWORD [EBP-0x4]
> 0x807001e 50                               PUSH EAX
> 0x807001f ff55f0                           CALL DWORD [EBP-0x10]
> 0x8070022 50                               PUSH EAX
> 0x8070023 ff55ec                           CALL DWORD [EBP-0x14]
> 0x8070026 5f                               POP EDI
> 0x8070027 5e                               POP ESI
> 0x8070028 8be5                             MOV ESP, EBP
> 0x807002a 5d                               POP EBP
> 0x807002b c20400                           RET 0x4
> 0x807002e 8bc0                             MOV EAX, EAX
> 0x8070030 53                               PUSH EBX
> 0x8070031 56                               PUSH ESI
> 0x8070032 57                               PUSH EDI
> 0x8070033 55                               PUSH EBP
> 0x8070034 83c4e8                           ADD ESP, -0x18
> 0x8070037 8be9                             MOV EBP, ECX
> 0x8070039 8bfa                             MOV EDI, EDX
> 0x807003b 8bd8                             MOV EBX, EAX
> 0x807003d 33f6                             XOR ESI, ESI
> 0x807003f 6800334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403300
> 0x8070044 6814334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403314
> 0x8070049 e85efaffff                       CALL 0x806faac
> 0x807004e 50                               PUSH EAX
> 0x807004f e860faffff                       CALL 0x806fab4
> 0x8070054 8944240c                         MOV [ESP+0xc], EAX
> 0x8070058 6820334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403320
> 0x807005d 6814334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403314
> 0x8070062 e845faffff                       CALL 0x806faac
> 0x8070067 50                               PUSH EAX
> 0x8070068 e847faffff                       CALL 0x806fab4
> 0x807006d 89442408                         MOV [ESP+0x8], EAX
> 0x8070071 6830334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403330
> 0x8070076 6814334000                       PUSH DWORD 0x403314
> 0x807007b e82cfaffff                       CALL 0x806faac
> 0x8070080 50                               PUSH EAX
> 0x8070081 e82efaffff                       CALL 0x806fab4
> 0x8070086 89442404                         MOV [ESP+0x4], EAX
> 0x807008a 8bd5                             MOV EDX, EBP
> 0x807008c 8bc3                             MOV EAX, EBX
> 0x807008e 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x8070090 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x8070092 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x8070094 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x8070096 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x8070098 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x807009a 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x807009c 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> 0x807009e 0000                             ADD [EAX], AL
> [snip]
>>>> dis(0x806faac)
>>>> db(0x806faac)
> Memory unreadable at 0806faac
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