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Stefan Vömel stefan.voemel at cs.fau.de
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Hi everyone,

With respect to the requirements for sound memory *acquisition*, I have
done a lot of research in this area in the last year.

We have published a paper that might be of interest in this context:
"Correctness, atomicity, and integrity: Defining criteria for
forensically-sound memory acquisition"

In this paper, we have tried to formalize criteria that are required for
"properly" imaging memory. It's a more theoretic/formal work, however,
we have also developed a platform that measures in how far these
criteria are (not) met for selected acquisition utilities.

I'm currently writing a paper about the platform setup and the
respective evaluation results, so hopefully a preliminary version should
be available in a couple of weeks.

Best regards,


Am 10.01.2013 18:03, schrieb Tom Yarrish:
> All,
> So over the course or Luka's thread on his research the subject of
> testing your acquisition tools came up.
> I know this topic has been mentioned before (in one of my own past
> posts), but what is the requirement for memory acquisition tools to be
> working "properly"?  Especially since each time you run the test against
> a memory image that image has changed.
> What steps, at a minimum, should you be making sure that the tool you
> are using/evaluating is doing what it should be doing?  Listing
> processes correctly?  Showing the correct artifacts if I have Zeus on
> the image?
> The topic always seems to come up (even with physical devices) that you
> have to test your tools, with no one ever saying what checkmarks you
> have to make sure the tools does.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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