[Vol-users] coldboot - usb, iso or distro - using LiME

Mike Auty mike.auty at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 02:42:48 CDT 2013


On 05/06/13 14:44, Andrew Case wrote:> booting to a real linux distro is
still going to use quite a bit of
> RAM and most of it in the first GB of physical memory, which is not
> what you want. I believe there was DOS based live CD OS that was used
> during the cold boot reseasrch or by some group replicating it. This
> would be much more useful if you could find it.

It's possible you mean msramdmp[1]?  I've tried using it once and didn't
get much back, but that could be the device itself was setup to clear
RAM on boot.  It's relatively easy to setup and test, just make sure you
use syslinux-3 rather than a later one...

Mike  5:)

[1] http://www.mcgrewsecurity.com/tools/msramdmp/

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