[Vol-users] Any actual LiME and Android Memory analysis on REAL devices?

Pasquale Stirparo pstirparo at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 19:00:26 CDT 2013


I was wondering: did anyone ever managed to do an analysis with a real
device? I know the answer is Yes.
The thing is that I've seen around many nice examples and tutorials
working... but all of them with the emulator. The only real device sample
"in the wild" seems to be the Evo4GRodeo samples from DFWRS Challenge.

This time I'm pretty sure I did (almost?) everything right. Although if it
doesn't work, probably it's not.
I've tried also with another smartphone other than the HTC One X, the
Galaxy Nexus, getting the correct kernel version. No compilation errors, no
module errors, no lime module crashing on the phone, no volatility profiles
error, nothing. Everything (looks) right.

But still, when trying to run volatility I still keep getting empty results
like this:

hydra:volatility-read-only paco$ python vol.py
--profile=LinuxGalaxyNexus-3_0_1x86 -f ~/memdump/test-lime-4.7.lime
Volatile Systems Volatility Framework 2.3_alpha
WARNING : volatility.obj      : Overlay structure cpuinfo_x86 not present
in vtypes
Offset     Name                 Pid             Uid             Gid    DTB
       Start Time
---------- -------------------- --------------- --------------- ------
---------- ----------

Now I start wondering two things:
- Is it my lime dump the issue? the header looks fine, if I look inside
with hexdump it seems reasonable, if I strings it I find my data.
- Is it the volatility profile? Maybe, because I've event tried to dump the
memory of my Galaxy Nexus with FROST (which uses LiME) and the result looks
the same. So I started believing my problem is in the profile, although I
cannot seem to find any other way to understand where the problem could be.

So if anyone who successfully analyzed Android memory dumps from any real
life device is willing to share his experience and/or Volatility profile,
it would be great.



Pasquale Stirparo, MEng
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