[Vol-users] New plugins: Filelist and Virustotal

Thomas linux at linux4n6.ws
Tue Oct 15 13:05:40 CDT 2013


Am Montag, 14. Oktober 2013, 23:21:48 schrieb Sebastien Bourdon-Richard:
> Based on the work AAron and the Volatility team have done for the dumpfiles
> plugin (thanks for the plugin btw), I have wrote two new plugins for
> Volatility.  I have coded those plugins to learn more about the new
> dumpfiles plugin. I'm sharing them hoping they will be useful for someone
> else.

thanks, great work!

dumpfiles is fantastic, already got a pre-release at the past Amsterdam 

IMO filescan and specially virustotal are real usefull addons. Guess we'll use 
them often. :)


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