[Vol-users] Linux Virtualization KVM or VirtualBox?

Echo6 echo6_uk at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 28 11:13:18 CDT 2013

Stick with libvmi, it holds promise. Sure vmware and VirtualBox still have their place, but from what you are expressing libvmi is the root you need to go.

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Op 28-9-2013 15:59, Edwin Smulders schreef:
> I've had no problems using Virtualbox and Linux guests. It's as simple
> as using the vboxmanage debugvm command to acquire the memory.
I'm trying to get (haven't spent that much time yet) libvmi to work with 

- Live analysis: no need for a dump , you can map the memory directly to 
your host os
- I prefer KVM over virtualbox personally.


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