[Vol-users] Volatility issue #383: Linux 'tmpfs' extraction on multiple CPU sytems

Torres, Geoff (Global Cyber Security) geoff.torres at hp.com
Fri May 2 13:38:15 CDT 2014


According to Volatility issue #383 'tmpfs' extraction doesn't work because Volatility doesn't support NUMA systems.

Question 1 -      Is it on the roadmap for future versions?

I deal primarily with Multi-CPU cloud systems so this is definitely a desired feature.

Question 2-        Is it reasonably feasible to manually extract tmpfs from a system RAM dump?

Following the 'linux_tmpfs' module through the debugger showed that it was able to locate the /dev/shm tmpfs  file system (replicating 2 levels in my output directory), it just croaked when it came time to retrieve the actual file data.

I figure that if I can manually determine whatever offset it needs then I can set the proper variable in a debug session.

Any thoughts?



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