[Vol-users] Facebook Doubles Volatility Contest Prizes

AAron Walters awalters at 4tphi.net
Wed Sep 3 12:50:39 CDT 2014

As mentioned earlier this week, we have extended the deadline for the 2014 
Volatility Plugin Contest until October 1st because an organization wanted 
to augment the prizes. We are excited to share that due to an extremely 
generous donation from Facebook, the total cash prizes have been doubled 
from $2250 USD to $4500 USD!

If you have already submitted to the contest, you can use this extra time 
to fine tune your submission or submit another entry to improve your 
chances. If you were considering submitting, you now have an extra month 
to demonstrate your creativity, become a memory analysis pioneer, win the 
admiration of your peers, and give back to the community!

It’s great to see some of the largest companies in the world showing their 
support for and giving back to the memory forensics community! Thank you, 
Facebook, and good luck to all participants in the contest - the stakes 
have literally just doubled!

AAron Walters
The Volatility Foundation

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