[Vol-users] Something changed recently and now my Linux profiles don't work

Jim Clausing clausing at computer.org
Thu Apr 7 14:38:45 CDT 2016

Sigh... Ignore that last e-mail (although that is all the debug info I 
get when it fails and, yes, I know I gave an invalid switch -m should 
have been -f).  I redid it copying and pasting the profile name from 
the --info listing on the virgin system and it actually does work, so my 
next move is to install (from github) the current version on my actual 
production system and see if that fixes the issues.  Maybe the version 
from the SIFT repos is broken (that is what was running on the system 
where I originally had the problem).  It has been a long week. :-/.

Jim Clausing
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On or about Thu, 7 Apr 2016, Andrew Case pontificated thusly:

> Hey,
> Can you run volatility with -dd set and send the output? If I can't
> figure out it from there I will take the memory sample and profile. Feel
> free to send debug output offline.
> Thanks,
> Andrew (@attrc)
> On 04/07/2016 12:27 PM, Jim Clausing wrote:
>> Gang,
>>     I've googled it and saw some other discussion of the dreaded
>> ERROR   : volatility.debug    : Invalid profile <blah> selected
>> error.  I'm trying to figure out what changed recently so that profiles
>> that used to work for me, no longer work.  I just did a fresh Ubuntu
>> 14.04.4 install and then installed volatility (and distorm3 via pip)
>> from github and I'm getting the error above.  Note, this is the current
>> release version, though I also have the problem with the version from
>> whatever repo SIFT uses.  The profile actually came from SecondLook and
>> worked just fine on a different Ubuntu system about 4 weeks ago, but
>> today it fails (on the system where it used to run), so I decided to try
>> on this virgin system and get the same error.  I'm at a loss, since
>> there are no other debugging messages to help me out with what might be
>> the problem.  I can provide the profile to anyone who needs it (and
>> probably a memory image, too, but that needs to be a little more tightly
>> controlled) if that would help.
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>> Jim Clausing
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