[Vol-users] Problems running standalone Windows version of Volatile

Bridgey theGeek bridgeythegeek at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 07:13:04 CST 2016

Hi Marian,

That error message seems to relate only to the filename parameter, i.e. the
"-f" you've used.
Volatility seems to be telling you that it can't find "test.raw".

Is it definitely in the same folder you're running the command from?
You can specify the full path with the -f switch, for example:

volatility-2.5-standalone.exe --profile=Win7SP1x64 -f C:\path\to\test.raw
-v psxview

It's also possible you're using a config file which is over-writing the
'location' setting, but you'd probably know if you were doing that:


On 19 February 2016 at 09:38, Marian Kechlibar <
marian.kechlibar at circletech.net> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am researching the behavior of the Galileo RCS, whose source codes
> leaked in July 2015. I am using volatility 2.5 on Windows 7 and the
> instructions given in the blog of Joe Greenwood on 4armed.com.
> I downloaded the standalone version for Windows and I run it from the
> command line, but it dies immediately complaining about a missing source
> file.
> volatility-2.5.standalone.exe --profile=Win7SP1x64 -f test.raw -v psxview
> Volatility Foundation Volatility Framework 2.5
> ERROR   : volatility.debug    : The requested file doesn't exist
> The system is Windows 7 x64 with SP1, so the profile should be correct.
> Python 2.7 is installed in the system, but it should not be necessary
> for a standalone version anyway.
> Thank you in advance for help!
> Best regards
> Marian Kechlibar
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