[Vol-users] Volatility at Black Hat, DFRWS and trainings coming to AMS & Reston

Andrew Case atcuno at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 11:01:51 CDT 2016

We wanted to send a quick update before heading to Vegas.

If you will be around Black Hat during the pre-conference trainings
and/or briefings, and want to meet up then let us know. Jamie and I will
be around during the pre-conf trainings and then the whole team will be
around for the briefings.

Also, if you are headed to DFRWS, then be sure to check out Dr. Golden's
talk on Analyzing Objective-C malware through memory forensics. This is
some work that we did which will be headed to core Volatility soon after.

And finally - we have upcoming trainings in Amsterdam and Reston that
are quickly filling. If you wish to attend then please contact us ASAP
in order to reserve a seat:

Andrew (@attrc)

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