[Vol-users] Volatility 3 Public Beta and OSDFCon

AAron Walters awalters at 4tphi.net
Sat Sep 28 00:13:16 EDT 2019

Volatility Contributors,

Many of you may have noticed that in a couple of weeks we will be giving a 
talk at OSDFCon titled “Volatility 3 Public Beta: The Insider’s Preview”. 
This presentation will be the first public introduction and pre-release of 
Volatility 3.  A major motivation for this talk was to inspire and engage 
those members of the community who want to help us get Volatility 3 ready 
for its official launch!

Getting to this initial milestone, while supporting users of the current 
stable version, has only been possible because of our amazing community! 
We are grateful for the contributions and for your patience over the last 
couple of years. As a show of appreciation, Volexity is hosting a special 
event on the evening of October 15th for the contributors of the 
Volatility Project. If you have contributed to the project at some point 
over the last 12 years and are attending OSDFCon or happen to be in the 
Northern Virginia area on the evening of October 15, please send me a note 
off list. Our goal is to get an initial head count by Tuesday, October 

We look forward to hearing from you!

AAron Walters
The Volatility Foundation

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